Week 22: “Golden Ratio” Round-Up

Here's your weekly photo round-up for the challenge of "Golden Ratio"

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The past few weeks I've been bringing my film camera around with me a lot more. There's a certain give and take to the process: I take a frame and move on, I don't need to review and retake if I am not pleased with what is revealed on the back of my screen. Compose, make the image, and go on with whatever I'm doing. It is something I enjoy for personal shooting and it is a welcomed challenge to be ok with what develops (literally). My skills and confidence with film have been getting stronger and I've produced some really nice images that I am proud of.

What does that have to do with the photo challenge? Well, if I am shooting more film, it puts me at a slight delay with having the scans back during the week at times. The lab has been pretty good overall about quick turn around, but sometimes they get backed up as the weather has been really nice in these parts, and thus, a lot of film is being shot. Now, with that being said, moving forward, I am telling myself that I need to at minimum take the same photo with my phone to continue sharing within the round-ups in case I get these delays with the "final image."

Either way, I hope you feel like your skills are being pushed and improving. We're almost to the half-way point!

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Here is the week 22 round-up for "Golden Ratio" as we kick off week 23's theme of "Still Life."

 Greg McMillan
Greg McMillan
Rob Brown
Rob Brown
Andrew Cardinale
Andrew Cardinale

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Nick Shaw

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