Week 52: "People" Round-Up

Here's your weekly photo round-up for the challenge of the "People"

6 months ago

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We made it. 52-weeks of stretching your photography muscles, trying new themes and techniques outside of your comfort zone. Thanks for participation and viewership in the challenge, I hope you found it valuable.

I look back over the year and definitely notice a change in some areas with how I look at subjects and scenes. For my personal goal, mission accomplished. I will be continuing with a daily challenge in 2024, posting to my profile on Glass. Challenge is simple: a photo shot, edited, and posted, daily. I am looking forward to utilizing some of the things I learned during the challenge.

Wishing you and yours a year filled with happiness and success.

Greg McMillan
Andrew Cardinale
Andrew Cardinale
Rob Brown
Rob Brown
Jan Schrieber
Jan Schrieber

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Nick Shaw

Published 6 months ago


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