Week 23: "Still Life" Round-Up

Here's your weekly photo round-up for the challenge of "Still Life"

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My life last week was anything but "still."

The company I work for experienced a reduction in force due to economic conditions, so it was tough to find much stillness through the chaos of what occurred with some colleagues being laid off last week. Early on in the week of "Still Life", Greg McMillan posted the image above that brought me back to my favorite kind of breakfast: anything from a diner. Next day, I went to have breakfast at a local spot that has a similar vibe that the lady and I frequent.

These are the sorts of things that your images can do for observers whether it is a complete stranger or you know the people observing your images. They pull forward memories and experiences, and also give ideas that are brought to the forefront of your mind. In this case, this is the exact nudge I needed to take some time away from the chaos.

While last week was a bit of a mess and chaotic, I am looking to find some peace as we dive into this week's challenge. Take care of yourselves and one another.

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Here is the week 23 round-up for "Still Life" as we kick off week 24's theme of "Peace."

Susan Stillman
Susan Stillman
Rob Brown
Rob Brown
Nick Shaw
Nick Shaw (Glass, Twitter)
Greg McMillan
Greg McMillan (Banner)

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Nick Shaw

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