Week 48: "Surprise" Round-Up

Here's your weekly photo round-up for the challenge of the "Surprise"

7 months ago

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Capturing the feeling of "Surprise" appears to have cause some difficulty for this week's captures. I was unable to capture any of the expression or feeling which left me without a submission.

Two submissions from Rob and Greg this week also stretch the feeling, but it is one from the capturer's point of view with what they felt. I guess that is the beautiful thing of photography in that the theme can be hit or miss depending on the various views or interpretation from a different point of view. Stumbling upon a random cat in my yard, yes, I too would be surprised and delighted, hence Rob's point of view for capturing the feeling. To us, it is just a moment with a cat loafed on a deck railing. Same goes for Greg in being surprised that the farmer has such a late harvest for their corn where the stalks are now dead and crunchy. Point of view matters when it comes to the artistic side of photography to get a feeling instilled in your observer.

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Here is the week 48 round-up for "Surprise" as we kick off week 49's theme of "Converging Lines."

Rob Brown
Rob Brown
Greg McMillan
Greg McMillan

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Nick Shaw

Published 7 months ago


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