Week 10: Tips for "Framing"

Here are three tips to help you with the compositional challenge of "Framing"

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Framing is an important technique in photography that can enhance the composition of your photos. It involves using objects in the scene to frame the subject, drawing the viewer's attention to the focal point of the image. Here are three tips to help you shoot photographs that capture the composition of framing:

  1. Look for natural frames — Follow the lines that form a frame. When you're framing a subject, look for natural objects that can act as frames. This can be anything from a tree branch, a doorway, or a window. These elements can add depth and context to your photos while framing your subject in a visually appealing way.
  2. Experiment with angles — Try shooting from different angles to find the best composition. Take a few steps back, crouch down low, or even shoot from above. This can help you find the perfect framing for your subject and create a more interesting image.
  3. Use a shallow depth of field — When using framing, it's important to keep the focus on the subject. Using a shallow depth of field can help you achieve this by blurring the background and emphasizing the subject. This can help the viewer's eye to be drawn to the framed subject, making it the focal point of the image.
Matt Maber
Matt Maber

I came across this photo by Matt Maber on Glass the other day. What an incredible example of using an object to form a natural frame for the subject of the people in the background. This could've been a casual street photo of this group of people, but is truly special by the way Matt composed the image with the donut as a frame to bring your eye to two people within the crowd. This image is truly special and stands out because of that.

Remember to experiment and practice, and you'll soon develop an eye for finding the perfect framing in your scenes.

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Nick Shaw

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