Week 18: Tips for "Wonder"

Here's your weekly challenge tips for the challenge of "Wonder"

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Capturing the feeling of wonder through photography is a challenging but rewarding pursuit. The feeling of wonder can be evoked by a variety of subjects, from a stunning landscape to a curious animal or a unique human expression. Going into this week I realized it would be a tough challenge. I've been looking for the expression of wonder in my cats and dog as they play, and have found it in their eyes a few times!

Here are three tips to help you along if you're feeling stuck:

  1. Look for unexpected angles and perspectives — To capture wonder in your photographs, try to find angles and perspectives that are unexpected or unusual. This can help to create a sense of surprise and amazement in the viewer, which is often at the heart of the feeling of wonder. For example, you might try shooting from a low angle to make a towering tree appear even more majestic, or get up close to a small detail of a subject to reveal its intricate beauty.
  2. Use light to your advantage — Light is one of the most important tools in a photographer's arsenal, and it can be especially effective in capturing the feeling of wonder. Experiment with different lighting conditions to see how they affect the mood and atmosphere of your photographs. For example, shooting during the golden hour (the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset) can create a warm, ethereal glow that can enhance the feeling of wonder in your images.
  3. Focus on capturing emotions and reactions — when shooting photographs that capture the theme of wonder, it's important to focus on capturing emotions and reactions. Whether it's the awe and amazement on someone's face as they see a breathtaking view, or the curious and playful expression of an animal exploring its surroundings, capturing these emotions can help to convey the feeling of wonder.

Remember, it doesn't necessarily have to be an expression that you capture, but an image that can evoke the feeling of wonder in the observer in the image. By following these tips and experimenting with different approaches, you can create photographs that capture the magic and awe of the world around us.

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Nick Shaw

Published a year ago


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