Week 34: Tips for “Triangles” Composition

Here's your weekly challenge tips for the compositional challenge of the "Triangles"

9 months ago

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As we’ve explored in previous weeks, composition decisions can enhance the overall direction of visual appeal for your images. One fascinating compositional theme is the use of triangles. Triangles can add a sense of balance, dynamics, and depth to your photographs. Here are three tips to help you capture the composition theme of triangles.

  1. Identify Natural and Structural Triangles — Start by observing your surroundings for natural and structural triangles. Natural triangles can be found in various forms, such as the convergence of three roads, the shape of a mountain peak, or the arrangement of three trees. Structural triangles are man-made elements like buildings, bridges, or staircases. By recognizing these shapes in your environment, you'll have a strong foundation for incorporating triangles into your compositions.
  2. Use Lines and Diagonals — Lines and diagonals are powerful tools for creating triangles within your frame. Experiment with positioning yourself to capture leading lines that converge and form triangles. For instance, a road or path leading into the distance can guide the viewer's eye towards a triangular focal point. Diagonal lines can be equally effective, especially when they intersect or connect to form triangular shapes within your photograph.
  3. Seek Balance and Symmetry — While triangles can add dynamism, balance and symmetry can create a sense of harmony in your images. Look for scenes where a main subject forms one vertex of a triangle, and secondary elements complete the shape. This arrangement will naturally draw the viewer's gaze towards your subject while maintaining a visually pleasing equilibrium.

As you experiment with these tips, you'll develop an intuitive sense for incorporating triangles into your compositions. Whether you're capturing landscapes, architecture, or portraits, triangles can be a versatile and captivating compositional tool in your photography arsenal. This past week I’ve been up in the Adirondack Mountains which meant I was surrounded by tons of triangle potential. Enjoy your weekend as you wrap up this week’s compositional challenge.

Nick Shaw

Published 9 months ago


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