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I despise social media these days.

I don’t use Facebook. The last time I posted on Instagram was July 5, 2021.

I barely tolerate Twitter, mostly for business reasons. It all sucks, apart from some smaller communities I participate in.

But, maybe, that’s just me getting older.

So, end of 2022 I decided to make this. I took my creative client business and pivoted to an “online magazine.” An online medium of expression under my control.

To share my photos. My work. My experiments. My exploration.

Whatever and wherever my curiosity takes me within my interests.

Space to create whatever the f**k I wanted to create, without getting caught up in social media algorithms.

MDNT is also a place to share the work of others. My friend Mike Dhalle has produced some gaming and tech articles, and you, the community, have participated in our first ever 52-week photo challenge. The plan is to put together additional community focused experiences, whether they be online or in-person.

52-week Photo Challenge for 2023
52-week Photo Challenge for 2023

This Captain’s Log is my monthly attempt at providing you some sort of insight or value, whether you’re a creator or consumer. It is my hope that I can make something here that helps you in whatever way, throughout this journey of life.

Like all things in life, work, and our passions, MIDNIGHT SLATE is a work in progress.  I’m stoked to be doing this with consistency.  If there’s anything we can do to be of service to you, whether it is to give insight on a certain topic, or an outlet to share creativity, be sure to let us know. Reply to this email or hit me up on Twitter, I’m always available to receive and implement feedback.

I’m very pleased to say that within the first month I’ve had 25 of you sign up to receive content directly to your inbox. Thank you for reading and supporting. I truly believe that we will produce some value for you to consume. I set a goal to obtain 500 free subscribers in the first year of MDNT and we’re well on the way, indeed. I use Plausible for web analytics as they are simple, lightweight, and privacy focused. I like to be transparent, so here’s some statistics from the first month, thanks to your support: Web Analytics over the last 30 days Web Analytics over the last 30 days

If I had one ask: please share with a friend or colleague. Someone who would enjoy the articles we’re publishing, and might find value in the ones to come. Word of mouth is a great way for us to grow the community, and we truly appreciate it.

Personal Snippets

Each Captain’s Log I’ll look to include some personal insights. As humans, we often share similar experiences. Maybe some of my realizations or insights can help you along the journey.


End of 2022 I decided to put more effort into taking care of myself. Eating better, drinking less, and more exercise. Since acquiring a like-new, but used Peloton, I’ve accumulated 33 consecutive days of activity (at the time of writing). I’ll dive into this a bit more in a long form article, but here are some overall stats from Peloton:

Workout mix of bike, stretching, and yoga

(re)New(ed) Habits

If you’re looking to change your habits, start with small changes every day. Related to the point about fitness above, a walk around your neighborhood counts. It may not seem like much, but is it more than you would normally do? Do more than what you normally do, and build from there. Small changes will compound into larger results.

During COVID, I felt like I had lost my way as a photographer and creator in general. Previously, I was traveling frequently for work and capturing photos and videos of all these cool and unique places. The 52-week photo challenge categories have pushed me to shoot different things than I’d normally shoot. It has also reminded me to capture more of the everyday, the ordinary. But, there is beauty in that, and somehow I forgot.

The next Captain’s Log we’ll dive more into various topics that MDNT covers. For this issue I wanted to focus on introductions. I find that if you understand the mindset and the “why” of this, you may become more connected to it. Thanks again for your support, take care of yourself, and chat soon.

— Nick

Nick Shaw

Published a year ago


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