Week 5: Tips for Architecture

Capturing the essence of architecture can be a challenging task. Here are three tips to help you take stunning photographs for this week's challenge.

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If you're just joining us, welcome to week 5 of the photography challenge. Architecture is a subject that has fascinated photographers for centuries. From grand cathedrals to sleek skyscrapers, there is a seemingly endless array of structures to photograph.

Personally, it is one of my favorite subjects to capture. Buildings don't move (as opposed to my maniac dog) and their appearance changes as the hours cast light and shadow across a structure giving you a dynamic scene. I love capturing structures that were created from different places in time and seeing how architecture has changed over the years. However, capturing the essence of a building can be a challenging task. Here are three tips to help you take stunning photographs of architecture.

  1. Find the right angle β€” One of the most important aspects of architectural photography is finding the right angle. Often times, the most interesting parts of a building can be hidden from view, so it’s essential to take the time to explore and find the perfect perspective. Experiment with different angles, including shooting from high above, at eye level, or even from below.
  2. Pay attention to lines and symmetry β€” Lines and symmetry play a crucial role in architectural photography. When shooting, focus on the lines of the building and look for opportunities to create symmetry in your frame. This could mean placing the center of the building directly in the middle of the shot or finding a reflection in a nearby window or body of water. These elements can add depth and interest to your photos.
  3. Experiment with light and shadows β€” Light is the most critical aspect of any photograph, and it is especially true in architectural photography. Experiment with shooting at different times of day to see how the light changes the look of the building. Early morning and late afternoon are great times to shoot because the light is soft and creates beautiful shadows. Additionally, shooting during golden hour (the hour before sunset) can result in stunning, warm light that will bring out the best in your photos.
Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester, New York
Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester, New York

Architectural photography is all about capturing the essence of a building. By finding the right angle, paying attention to lines and symmetry, and experimenting with light and shadows, you will be able to create stunning photographs that showcase the beauty of architecture. Best of luck with this week's challenge.

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