Week 11: Tips for "Animals"

Here are three tips to help you capture "animal" photos

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Animals are fascinating subjects for photography, and capturing them in their natural habitats can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, taking great animal photos requires some skill and preparation whether it is your domesticated animals at home (pets!) or in the wild.

Here are three tips to help you capture stunning photographs of animals:

  1. Get to Know Your Subject — Before you start shooting, it's important to understand your subject. Learn about the animal's behavior, habits, and habitat. This knowledge will help you anticipate their movements and capture the perfect shot. If you're photographing animals in the wild, research the area you're visiting beforehand to get an idea of the types of animals you may encounter. Understanding your subject will help you capture their unique personalities and expressions.
  2. Use the Right Equipment — Having the right equipment is essential for capturing great animal photos. A good camera with a fast shutter speed and a telephoto lens can help you get close-up shots of your subject without disturbing them. A tripod can also be helpful, especially when photographing animals in low light conditions.
  3. Be Patient and Respectful — Patience is key when it comes to photographing animals. Be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting for the perfect shot. Anyone who tries to photograph their cat or dog knows this. "Sit/Stay" only works for so long! When photographing wild animals, it's essential to respect their space and avoid disturbing them. Stay at a safe distance and never approach or touch the animals. Remember that you are a guest in their home, and your presence should have as little impact as possible.
Polar Bear in the wild of Alaska — Nick Shaw
Polar Bear in the wild of Alaska — Nick Shaw (Glass, Twitter)

Capturing stunning animal photos requires some preparation and patience. Getting to know your subject, using the right equipment, and being respectful of their space are all key elements to successful animal photography. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to capturing amazing photographs of animals in their natural habitats. Good luck and happy shooting!

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